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Enhancement of Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete by Addition of Nano Silica
Authors: Asmaa Barakat; Mostafa Mostafa; Gehan Hamdy; Hossam-Eldin Ahmed
Year: 2018
Keywords: Self-Compacting Concrete; Additives; Nanoparticles; Nano-Silica; Physical Properties; Mechanical Properties
Journal: Intelligent Systems in Manufacturing Journal
Volume: 16
Issue: 3
Pages: 136-146
Publisher: Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Russia
Local/International: International
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Full paper Gehan Abd-el-Rahman Ahmed Hamdy_35-2018-ISMJ KISTU-Enhancement of Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete by Addition of Nano Silica.pdf
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Significant interest is recently shown in the use of materials with Nano dimensions in the construction industry. Research studies attempt to improve the properties of concrete by addition of Nano-sized materials. Self-compacting concrete (SSC) is a concrete with special mix designed to flow and consolidate under its own weight without additional compaction energy due to its properties of flowability and high segregation resistance. This paper presents an experimental program conducted to explore the influence of Nano silica additives on the physical and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete. The research investigates the fresh properties (workability, passing ability and segregation resistance) and mechanical properties (compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and flexural strength) of self-compacting concrete by incorporation of Nano silica with three different percentages (1%, 2% and 3%) of cement weight. Fresh properties of SCC were determined by slump, L-Box and segregation resistance tests. The mechanical characteristics were determined by compression, splitting tensile and flexural tests at different ages. The experimental results showed that using Nano silica as additive managed to improve the mechanical properties of SCC specimens.

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