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Prof. Gamal Helmy Mohamed Elsaeed :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1. Stilling Basin for Pipe Outlets Completed
2. Hydrodynamic Behaviour of Bank Protection Structures (Groins) Completed
3. Improving Flow Conditions Along Inner Curve of River Bends Completed
4. Effect of Outflow Water Exits on the Navigation of Water Channels Completed
5. Hydraulic Hazards for Operating Navigational Channel in Dammietta Branch Completed
6. Effect of Manmade Intervention on River Nile Hydraulic Characteristics Completed
7. Improving Design of Irrigation Pipeline Networks Completed
8. Effect of Pile Group and Its Arrangement on Local Scour Around Bridge Piers Completed
9. Using Submerged Vans for Minimizing Sedimentation Inside the River Side Intakes Completed
10. Evaluating Different Operating Strategies of the Improved Branch Canals in Egypt Completed
11. Investigating the Design Effeciency of Stilling Basin Downstream Radial Gates Completed
12. Scour Evaluation at the Nile River Bends on Rosetta Branch Completed
13.Investigation the Sedimentation Problem in Front of El Kuraimat Power Plant Intakes on the River Nile Completed
Numerical Study for Scour at Bridge Abutments Completed
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