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The Tell-Tale Heart" In Our Own Time, a paper published in magazine of called FIKR WA , IBDA , Cairo University .
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There is an attempt to present "The Tell-Tale Heart" from two perspectives . The first is completely political and the second is a comparative study . On the one hand , The paper provides a new reading to Poe s "The Tell-Tale Heart" in a political frame by relating its elements such as action and themes to the political action , focusing on the action of the American President George Bush in the war of Iraq . On the other , it is a concentration on the psychological and mental state of Lady Macbeth in two prominent scenes of Shakespeare s Macbeth ( the murder scene and the sleepwalking scene) , and the female narrator (if we consider the narrator a female not a male ) in Edgar Allan Poe s horror short story "The Tell Tale Heart" . The narrator of "The Tell -Tale Heart" and the character of George Bush will be related to each other based on the psychological analysis of both of them . The analysis of Bush s psychology will be mainly based on the analysis of Dr. Justine A. Frank, a psychoanalyst and professor of psychiatry, using the principles of applied psychoanalysis, the discipline of psychoanalyzing public and historical figures pioneered by Freud . Frank said on Bush that "George Bush has remained to paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill a mystery wrapped in an enigma " ( Bush On The Couch ) . The new reading , by this relating , attempts to show Poe as a capable writer of a story , based on perfect psychological standards and that he anticipated Freud in exploring some of the psychological themes . Moreover , the study focuses a light on the administration of Bush whose actions result from unstable psyche . Poe has a strange and complex personality , and as a result, his writing and thought are complex . He is interested in "imbalance" and "incongruity" . Accordingly, Poe tries to introduce through his literary works such a kind of detective story . It is a form which puts aside " the threat of anarchy ( outrageous crimes of society ) with a mix of the rational ( mental coolness and the application of mathematical logic ) and the intuitive ( emotional reactions to the illogicality of events ) ." ( McQuade 1547 ) . This paper is published in a magazine called FIKR WA IBDA Cairo University 2010

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