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Educating Engineering Students in Egypt. Part III: Learning From the World of Engineering Education
Authors: Ibrahim Shaaban, Hanaa El Sayad; Ashraf Elsafty
Year: 2020
Keywords: Engineering Education; Quality Improvement
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This is the third and final part of a series of three papers examining engineering education, provided by the state (government funded) faculties in Egypt. After concerns from several stakeholders about the graduates’ knowledge and skills, a fresh look at the phenomenon is attempted. In the first part, an analysis of government engineering education providers indicated the constraints imposed on those institutions by internal and external elements. In the second part, stakeholders’ views were collected to identify their pressing concerns and the improvements they would like to see. Four clear requests became evident from the responses: the application of modern innovative teaching methods; soft skills training; modern software applications training; and practical technical or industrial training. In this manuscript a literature scan was conducted to find ways for fulfilling these aspirations of Egyptian stakeholders regarding engineering education. By taking into account the constraints outlined in part I of this series, and by selecting suitable practices from worldwide engineering education providers, recommendations are provided for application.

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