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A Business Analysis Perspective for Engineering Education in Egypt
Authors: Ashraf Elsafty; Hanaa El Sayad; Ibrahim G. Shaaban
Year: 2020
Keywords: higher education, Egypt, engineering education, quality
Journal: Journal of Education and Training Studies
Volume: 8
Issue: 5
Pages: 30-42
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
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This work examines engineering education in Egypt provided by state (government funded) universities. There have been concerns from all stakeholders about the graduates’ knowledge and skills. The chronic problems with higher education in Egypt in general have been previously reported in the Literature, but this paper provides insights form engineering academics with many years of experience in Egyptian engineering education and a fresh look from a business perspective at the phenomenon. In this manuscript, the institutions are analyzed using the integrated business anatomy model, in order to identify the underlying causes of the problems observed. The structural, operational and environmental (both external and internal) challenges that lead to the current status are clearly detected. The analysis highlighted several constraints that hinder radical reforms. Amongst these constraints is the legal and organizational framework in which the state funded universities operate. Other social, technological and economic factors also play important parts. The recipe for improvement provided by the authors has taken all these elements into consideration. This work hopes to provide focus and direction for future reform efforts.

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