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Hematobiochemical and urological alterations in buffaloes with postparturient hemoglobinuria
Authors: Hayat Fayed, Ghanem, M. M. , Abdel-Raof, Y. M. and El-Attar, H. M.
Year: 2018
Keywords: Buffaloes, postparturient hemoglobinuria, haemolytic anaemia, serum biochemistry, urinalysis
Journal: benha veterinary medical journal
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This study was carried out to estimate the hematological, serum biochemical and urological alterations associated with postparturient hemoglobinuria (PPH) on 70 hemoglobinuria and 30 apparently healthy buffaloes. Blood, serum and urine samples were collected and tested for various hematological, biochemical and urological parameters. Significant decrease in total erythrocyte count, Hb concentration, PCV %, lymphocyte%, serum inorganic phosphorus, total protein, albumin, glucose whereas significant increase in neutrophils%, serum urea, creatinine, total bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase. In PPH color of urine in hemoglobinuric buffaloes ranged from red, dark red to coffee color. Analysis of urine samples by Reagent urine strips showed positive for haemoglobin and protein. It was concluded that postparturient hemoglobinuria cause severe alterations in hematobiochemical and urological parameters in buffaloes.

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