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Dynamic experiments on two pile groups
Authors: Hazem El-Marsafawi, YC Han, Miloš Novák
Year: 1992
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Journal of geotechnical engineering
Volume: 118
Issue: 4
Pages: 576-592
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers
Local/International: International
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Full paper Not Available
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Field experiments are conducted on two groups of piles supporting rigid foundations and subjected to harmonic loading. The objective is to investigate the ability of linear elastic theories of pile-group modeling to predict the responsecurve characteristics including the resonant frequency and amplitude. The first pile group consists of six steel pipes of length 3.05 m and outside diameter of 0.102 m driven in a layer of cohesionless soil. The second group consists of six cast-in-place concrete piles 7 m in length and 0.32 m in diameter

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