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1 | Page The Effect of Sugar Free Chewing Gums on Recovery of Bowel Function After Elective Cesarean Delivery
Authors: Heba Abdel-Fatah Ibrahim and Shaimaa Hassan Mohamady
Year: 2017
Keywords: Bowel Function, Cesarean delivery, Gums Chewing.
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Cesarean delivery as a major abdominal surgery is associated with postoperative changes in central nervous system, leading to decreased bowel motility and postoperative ileus. Gum chewing is non-medicinal therapy option to provide the benefits of early stimulation of the intestinal movement after cesarean delivery. The study aims to investigate the effect of free sugar gum chewing on recovery of bowel function after elective cesarean delivery. Methods: A randomized controlled trial research design was used. Setting: The study was conducted at postnatal ward affiliated to obstetrics and gynecology department at Helwan general Hospital. Sample: A systematic random sample of 177 women delivered by elective caesarean section was divided into two groups study group (n= 88) and control group (n= 89). Tools: Two tools were used for data collection; 1) a structured interviewing schedule to collect data about the women' demographic characteristics, anthropometric measurements, obstetric history and pre/intraoperative indicator 2) post-operative cesarean delivery assessment sheet, it included five items for assessing the post-operative parameters of bowel function Results: There were statistically significant differences P

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