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Prof. Dr. Hesham Mohamed El-Batsh :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Shaimaa Seyam, Numerical and experimental investigation of flow pattern, temperature distributions and heat transfer in a room served by radiant panel systems, 2010 Completed
Abdelgalil Eltaysh, Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics through gas turbine blades, 2013 Completed
Radwan Elzoheiry, Investigation of combustion characteristics for prevaporized premixed biofuel-jet mixtures In Progress
Ahmed El-seesy, Experimental investigation for a diesel engine performance fuelled by biodiesel-diesel mixture with additive of nanoparticles In Progress
Mona Abdelwaly, Effect of wind turbine shroud on the flow and power generated from a horizontal-axis shrouded wind turbine In Progress
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