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Dr. Hend Mahmoud Ali Kassem Borai :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1- Thinking Skills
2- Methods of scientific research
3-Effective communication
4-Ethics and Professional Ethics
5-Training in computer courses for staff at the Faculty of Qualitative Education, and students in the unit of a private nature in the college computer courses, tourism and hotels.
Scientific Activities of 2009
6-Attend educational aides to members of the faculty at the university level preparing leaders in Helwan Institute of the period 10/4/2009 to 15/4/2009
Scientific Activities of 2008
7-Attend a workshop at the Benha University in the field of quality management system and evaluation of development projects, education for the Benha University in 2008.
8-Attend a workshop at the Benha University in training on the use of digital libraries in 2008.
9-And a workshop on "the development of national standards of reference in programs of quality education colleges and kindergartens Conference Center College of Medicine, Alexandria University in 2008.
Scientific Activities of 2007
10-Course in database management (ORACLE ADMIN) of the Supreme Council for Universities of 2007.
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