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Performance enhancing of porcelain insulators using low cost micro additives
Authors: Hesham S. Karaman, Sherif M.M. Sherif, S.M.A. El-Gamal, Naser Abdel-Rahim, M.A. Abd-Allah
Year: 2024
Keywords: Dielectric properties, Porcelain insulators, Breakdown strength, Dissipation factor, Porosity
Journal: ASEJ
Volume: 15
Issue: 4
Pages: 1-11
Publisher: Elsevier
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
Full paper Hesham Said Abd Elmonsif Ali_2024-ASEJ.pdf
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Porcelain have been widely utilized in electrical power system. The enhancement of its properties has positively influenced its behavior thence on overall power system. Nano/Micro technologies are influential field used for developing different characteristics of porcelain insulators. In this work, three weight percentages of fly ash micro-particles were admixed to neat porcelain. Characterization and morphological features for prepared samples were scrutinized using XRD and SEM. BDV, relative permittivity, and dissipation factor were measured. Moreover, porosity, bulk density, and water absorption were measured. COMSOL Software was used to simulate the electric field distribution on the samples. This study indicated, fly ash promoted the electrical characteristics of porcelain. Inclusion of 6 % fly ash along the porcelain sample increases BDV from 22.5 kV to 56.7 kV. The presence of fly ash inside porcelain not only decreased relative permittivity but also dissipation factor. The optimum sintering temperature gives lowest porosity and highest bulk density was 1200 ◦C.

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