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Securing Benha University Libraries System A Thesis submitted IN fulfillment of Master's Degree in Arts
Authors: Hoda Abdel Basset Ahmed Ellayssy
Year: 2015
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English summary All types of libraries needs to perform their aims and operate their activities in a security environment where all security rules and various safety necessary to secure all its elements of (buildings- collections- members - information systems- equipments and library furniture), so the study aims to spot on the issue of security in libraries and due attention of it. In theoretical study, we have found all security risks and threats that face the libraries in some detail and show the different classifications to them. And then in the second chapter of this study, we will find all methods and procedures for the collections security, members security, equipment and library furniture security, information security systems and security of library buildings; this as well as the presentation of the methods and procedures for fight the most serious security risks and threats that threaten the security and safety of libraries, such as fires, destruction, damage, abuse and thefts … etc. On the practical side, the study has focused in the reality of security in Benha University libraries, through the study of all procedures and plans and security policies written and unwritten taken by libraries in the study to protect its security and safety. The study revealed allow level of security and severe weaknesses in the security of libraries in the study, this through the absence of security policies and plans in a large percentage of these libraries. Finally, the study has provided a proposed plan to secure Benha University libraries with all elements of (buildings - collections - the equipments and library furniture - members) where this plan included four main themes are as follows: 1- Identify the risks. 2- Method and preventive measures necessary to secure the libraries. 3- The requirements to carry out the plan. 4- The conditions for the success of policies to protect the establishments.

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