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Simple nanometric magnon multiplexer
Authors: H. Al-Wahsh
Year: 2010
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Physics of Condensed Matter
Volume: 10
Issue: Not Available
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Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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We study, in the frame of the discrete dipole approximation, the magnons propagation through a simple multiplexing device made of chains of magnetic nanoparticles along which a small chains (called a resonators) is attached. We show that this simple structure can transfer with selectivity one magnon frequency from one chain to the other, leaving neighbour magnonic frequencies unaffected. With an appropriate choice of the geometrical (or magnetic) parameters of the structure, it is possible to control the desired magnon ejection. A general analytical expression for the transmission coefficient is given for various structures of this kind within the framework of the Green’s function method. The amplitude, the phase, and the phase time of the transmission are discussed as a function of frequency. These results may opens new perspectives for constructing, more efficient and more compact, magnonic devices such as narrow-frequency microwave multiplexers.

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