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Prof. Hussam El-Din Mohamed EL-Attar :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Some studies on toxicity caused by environmental pollutants Completed
5ome studies on toxicity on some rare minerals Completed
Some Studies on Blood parasites in cows Completed
Profile experiments as away of diagnosis mean for sub clinical disorders in cattle Completed
Movement obstacles and its relation to infectious diseases Completed
Studies About Lumpy Skin diseases Completed
Affection of Some medicine on vaccinating rift valley fever Completed
Using some medicine drugs in treatment of some domestic animals Completed
A study on surgical injuries in goats and sheep in Qalubia Governorate Completed
Some epidemic studies about mastitis in goat Completed
Studies about rare metals in sheep Completed
The research title Completed
Some studies about gastro intestinal disorders in camels Completed
Study about Some dermis injuries in Sheep Completed
Some studies on using B.C.G vaccine in cattle Completed
Using of medical herbs as atonics for rumen and intestine Completed
Using of Nigella and anise as atonics in growth in rams Completed
Using electro cardiograph as diagnostic way for some equine injuries Completed
Studying respiratory problems disorders in calves Completed
Laboratory clinical study about some gastro intestinal disorders in sheep Completed
Research study about hypo magnesium Completed
Field study about milk fever in Menoufia Governorate Completed
Some studies about deficiency disorders and metabolism in sheep Completed
Diagnosis of experimental injuries of kidneys in doges by using Ultra – sonic waves Completed
Studies about hypo phospheremia in buffalos Completed
Comparative studies about Cows plague vaccine Completed
Some studies about babesia in cows Completed
Effect of storage of fertility and vitality efficiency of seminal fluid appearing in cows Completed
Effect of fasciola affection on immunity response of sheep against rift valley ever vaccine Completed
Clinical pathological studies on pa disease and the way of curing it in cows Completed
Some studies about horses strangles Completed
Research studies about Some diseased problems in pet animals with specific interest with factors affecting immunity Completed
Research studies for some diseased troubles in from animals Completed
Studies about malnutrition problems in farm animals Completed
Studies about Compound vaccine of bronchitis Sinusitis, Para influenza, compound pneumonia in cows and gastric diarrhea in cattle Completed
Modern directions for diagnosis of Some circulatory system disorders in animals Completed
Changer in blood elements before and after labor and its relation with some metabolism disorders in form animals Completed
Using of Some medical Plants for curing Some diseased troubles in farm animals Completed
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