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Comparison of two surgical techniques for mastectomy of goats.
Authors: El Maghraby, HM
Year: 2001
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Small Ruminant Research
Volume: 40
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 215-221
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Hussein El-Maghraby_mastectomy.pdf
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Two different techniques for mastectomy were carried out on 14 goats with gangrenous mastitis. The animals were randomly assigned to one of two groups containing seven goats each. The first group was operated via a classical surgical mastectomy technique (either bilateral (n=5) or unilateral (n=2)). The second group was operated via vascular ligation of the external pudendal blood vessels and milk vein and amputation of the affected teat (either bilateral (n=3) or unilateral (n=4)). Comparison between the two groups was carried out. Vascular ligation and teat amputation proved to be an effective, quick, safe, and less expensive technique for mastectomy in goats. Ligation of udder vasculature was less traumatic than surgical amputation and the stress on the patient was minimal.

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