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Sedative and Analgesic Effects of Romifidine in Donkeys
Authors: ElMaghraby, HM, AlAkraa, AM
Year: 2005
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Benha Veterinary Journal
Volume: Not Available
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 232-246
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Full paper Hussein El-Maghraby_romi_4.pdf
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Romifidine was administrated intravenously in twelve donkeys in a dose rate of 30,70 or 100µg/kg body weight. The levels of sedation and analgesia were recorded and graded. The sedative effect persisted for 66±4.3, 72±2.3and 91±5.1 minutes after intravenous injection of romifidine at 35, 70 and 100 µg/kg b.w. respectively. It is concluded that of romifidine is a potent analgesic and sedative agent in donkeys. Intravenous administration of romifidine in a dose rate of 70 µg/kg produced good sedation and analgesia with mild ataxia and minimal side effects.

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