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The Quark-Gluon Plasma Equation of State and the Generalized Uncertainty Principle
Authors: L. I. Abou-Salem, N. M. El Naggar, and I. A. Elmashad
Year: 2015
Keywords: Quantum gravity, Bag model, Quark-gluon plasma, Thermodynamics.
Journal: Advances in High Energy Physics
Volume: 2015
Issue: 103576
Pages: 7 pages
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Local/International: International
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Full paper Ibrahim Abdelbasit Ismail Elmashad_103576 Hindawi.pdf
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The quark-gluon plasma (QGP) equation of state within a minimal length scenario or Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP ) is studied. The Generalized Uncertainty Principle is implemented on deriving the thermodynamics of ideal QGP at a vanishing chemical potential: We find a signifi cant eff ect for the GUP term. The main features of QCD lattice results were quantitatively achieved in case of nf = 0, nf = 2 and nf = 2+1 flavors for the energy density; the pressure and the interaction measure. The exciting point is the large value of bag pressure especially in case of nf = 2+1 flavor which reflects the strong correlation between quarks in this bag which is already expected. One can notice that the asymptotic behavior which is characterized by Stephan-Boltzmann limit would be satisfied. satis ed:

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