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”Generalized Dirac structure beyond the linear regime in graphene”
Authors: A.Iorio,P.Pais, I.A.Elmashad,A.F.Ali, Mir Faizal,and L.I.Abou-Salem
Year: 2018
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Journal: IJMPD
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We show that a generalized Dirac structure survives beyond the linear regime of the low-energy dispersion relations of graphene. A generalized uncertainty principle of the kind compatible with specific quantum gravity scenarios with a fundamental minimal length (here graphene lattice spacing) and Lorentz violation (here the particle/hole asymmetry, the trigonal warping, etc.) is naturally obtained. We then show that the corresponding emergent field theory is a table-top realization of such scenarios, by explicitly computing the third order Hamiltonian, and giving the general recipe for any order. Remarkably, our results imply that going beyond the low-energy approximation does not spoil the well known correspondence with analogue massless quantum electrodynamics phenomena (as usually believed), but rather it is a way to obtain experimental signatures of quantum-gravity-like corrections to such phenomena.

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