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Prof. Iman Adawy Ahmed Hanafy

Academic Position: Professor

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Faculty: Arts

Department: English Language and Literature


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Scientific Name: Iman A. Hanafy

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Examination of MA thesis in Suez Canal University December20, 2014 [2014-12-21]
Title of the thesis: Anti-Capitalism in the Plays of Lanford Wilson: An Analytic Study of The Talley Trilogy An M.A Thesis Submitted to the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Suez Canal University Submitted by Mo`mena Ragaie Abd El-Latif Muhammad Under the Supervision Of Late Prof. Muhammad Ramzy Radwan (Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al Azhar University) Prof. Sherine Mostafa El Shoura Associate Prof. in Benha University Dr. Muhammad Abd Elwahhab Lecturer in Suez Canal University The Board of examiners are : Dr. Ahmed Abd Salam Associate Prof. in Fayoum University. Dr. Iman A. Hanafy Associate Prof. in Benha University more

Research Interests

twentieth century literary criticism

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