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Title Design and Implementation of Improved Performance Ku and K Bands Voltage Controlled Oscillators Using 0.18 µm CMOS Technology
Type PhD
Supervisors Prof. Mohammed Abo-Zahhad Abo-Zeid, Prof. Adel Bedair Abdel-Rahman, Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Allam, and Prof. Ramesh K. Pokharel
Year 2019
Abstract RF-CMOS processes have become more and more popular for radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design because of their cost effectiveness, high noise immunity, low power consumption and compatibility with the silicon based system on chip (SOC) technology. CMOS is a suitable choice for the implementation of low noise amplifiers, mixers, power amplifiers and voltage controlled oscillators. The primary design considerations in integrated transceivers architectures are cost, size, power dissipation, and the reduction of number of external components. Oscillators are an integral part of many electronic systems. With rapid developments in the area of Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless communication, the interest in electronic topologies that generate the Local Oscillator (LO) signal has grown rapidly in the last few years. The LO signal is required to down-convert the RF signal to a lower Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal, or vice versa. It is essential to tune the VCO performance mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the phase noise of the VCO has great effect on the selectivity of the receiver. Secondly, the VCO is one of the most power hungry building blocks of an RF transceiver. Hence the power consumption of the transceiver can be reduced significantly by optimizing that of the VCO. Moreover the design of multiband or wideband RF front-ends to operate on higher frequency bands is required for multifunction services.
Keywords Active Q-factor, attenuation zeros, Center tapped inductor, CMOS, DGS, Double series resonances, dual-band, figure of merit, finger capacitor, K-band, Ku-band, meander line, MOS varactor, notch filter, parallel resonator; phase noise, shunt inductor, switched capacitors, switched interdigital resonator, tuning range, VCO, wide band.
University Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)
Country Egypt
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