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Effect of Bluff Body Geometry on Flame Stabilization with the Assist of Lungmore probe
Authors: Ahmed A. Abdel-Rehim, Khairy H. El Nagar, Ismail M.M. ElSemary
Year: 2013
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Journal: Engineering and Scientific Research Journal (ESRJ), Shoubra Faculty of Engineering
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Bluff bodies are common method used as flame holders or stabilizers in many applications such as jet engines augmenters for reasons of safety, providing excellent turbulent mixing characteristics, improvement in flame stability, and ease of combustion control. The effects of using 12 different bluff body shapes (cylindrical and triangular with different dimensions) are examined with respect to their influence on downstream flow field. The present work offers a study to compare different bluff body geometries and their effect on the flame characteristics and its stability using two main techniques; Experimental measurements using visualization and Langmuir probe techniques and simulation technique using CFD method.

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