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The impact of the great global recession on Saudi Arabia 1929- 1934
Authors: EL Naghia ; Khaled
Year: 2014
Keywords: economic crisis ; King Abdul Aziz ; Saudi Arabia ; purchase ;settlement
Journal: Journal of the Faculty of Arts Mansoura University
Volume: 58
Issue: 2014
Pages: 28
Publisher: 2014
Local/International: International
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The world in the fall of 1929 witnessed a severe economic crisis, known in the global economic history of the great global recession which occurred as a result of the huge in the stock exchange in New York for the collapse of the financial and reflected the effects of the crisis on all countries in the world. And then I saw the King Abdul Aziz to address this crisis need to consolidate the Kingdom economically and financially after the successful consolidation geographically, he issued his orders regulation of the financial matters of the country, and the development of new sources of revenue, and the reduction of government expenditures, and prepare a unified budget 0 and devoted a large share of the state budget amounted to about 25% to repay debt owed to them, and between those debt Polish arms company debt. Hence the importance of studying the theme of "the impact of the great global recession on Saudi Arabia," a documentary study in the debt of Polish arms firm 1929 1936, and the study addresses the purchase of UK arms of Bologna, and the installment amount in installments, and the postponement of payment of premiums and finally debt settlement.

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