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The Soundtrack For The First Part Of The Hanz Zimmer Film Pirates Of The Caribbean ( Analytics Study )
Authors: Lamis Essam
Year: 2020
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Graphic music is an important part of a person’s life if it enters into many details of his life and becomes a reflection of his multiple psychological state. Likewise, graphic music is an important part of the film because it expresses the ups and downs in the cinematic scenes and also reflects the psychological state of the actor of any nationality and if we meet Looking at the world of cinema and music, we find that there is a harmonious relationship with them, and that neither party can do without the other, although the music at first timidly crept into the cinema and then penetrated strongly in its installations As far as the importance of music in cinema is, the stage of composing and musical composition begins in any film when the filming process is completely completed and the composer is given the film and script scenes so that he can formulate his various musical pieces in line with the rhythm of the scenes of the film in which the author lived the atmosphere This research came in four chapters: Chapter One: Presenting Research and Previous Studies. It is divided into two sections: The first topic: research presentation and procedures. The second topic: previous studies related to the research topic. Chapter Two: The theoretical framework of the research It is divided into two sections: The first topic: Graphic music The second topic: the biography of the author Hans Zimmer Chapter III: The applied framework, study methodology and procedures. In this chapter, the researcher conducted a theoretical and musical analysis of the sample, and sought experts' opinions about the educational level and performance difficulties. the fourth chapter: Research results and their interpretation. This chapter included the research results that the researcher had reached, as well as recommendations, a list of references, and an abstract of the research in Arabic and foreign languages.

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