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A Sustainable Landscape for a Livable Urban Fabric, Al Azhar University Engineering Journal.
Authors: Manal Abou El-Ela
Year: 2004
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Sustainability offers a vision of the ultimate goal; designing for the present while keeping the future in mind. Moreover, through sustainability both health of humans and ecology system improve and continue to exist into the future. On the other hand, landscape addresses both the human and natural systems. The role of landscape elements, specially the soft, in improving the quality of life could not be denied, not only from the ecological aspect but also from the social one. The paper seeks to understand landscape ethics in order to generate sustainable urban design guide lines for the landscape of open spaces. The question is not only the how of making green, safe and human oriented open spaces but also how to make such places function (sustainable) for both the present and the future. In fulfilling the above, some questions will be tackled, how sustainability is related to the landscape of open spaces? What are the needed landscape-qualities required for a sustainable concept in the design of open spaces in urban fabric? How could a sustainable landscape add to the future of urban life? In answering the above questions the paper is to synthesise the conceptual origins and definition of the word sustainability. In addition, the role of a sustainable development in achieving a liveable urban fabric will be distinguished. Finally the paper will discuss the integration of landscape elements (soft and hard), and sustainability to create a more holistic design process to achieve livable urban life.

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