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Ego-State and Purpose in Life Among Japanese Adolescents
Authors: د/ مها اسماعيل الهلباوي
Year: 2015
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Abstract The current study investigates the Ego-State and purpose in life among Japanese adolescents. A non – experimental, descriptive, correlation research design has been used to examine the hypotheses of a significant relationship between Ego-State and purpose in life; 76 Japanese adolescents have responded to the Japanese versions of “Purpose in life” (PIL) questioner and “Tokyo University Ego Gram” (TEG). Results have shown: a significant relationship between the free child (FC) Ego- state and PIL (A and B,C); a significant relationship between critical parent (CP) Ego- State and PIL (A); between nurturing parent (NP) Ego-state and PIL (B, C); and a dominant adapted child (AC) ego state. Key words: Ego- State and Purpose in Life

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