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Strength of HSC Slender Columns - A Method of Analysis
Authors: M. Abdel-Karim, G.T. Abdel-Rahman, I.G. Shaaban, M-Said
Year: 2016
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A method is presented for the strength analysis of HSC columns subjected to eccentric loading. The method is based on a stability analysis of pin-ended columns using the exact sinusoidal equation for the deflected shape of the column. The degradation in the column stiffness as the load increases, representing the basic characteristic of inelastic response of columns, is considered subject to equilibrium conditions, compatibility requirements, and constitutive relationships for the concrete and reinforcement. The tension stiffening effect was taking into consideration. The column integrity is limited by either material or instability mode of failure. The method was applied to a wide range of experimental data. The predicted ultimate behavior shows excellent correlation with the test results. The mean of the predicted-to-experimental ultimate load ratio was 0.94, with a coefficient of variation of 10.8%.

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