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The social dimensions of violence for athletes
Authors: Mahmoud Fekri Abdelkhaleq Elfar
Year: 2016
Keywords: The social,dimensions,of violence, athletes
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The research aims to identify the social dimensions of violence in athletes, and what are the most influential dimensions of the athletes to the use of violence, the researcher used the descriptive study was conducted on a sample of 110 player Handbal where the sample Expeditionary first reached 5 players handball second exploratory 15 players hands, while the basic sample of 90 players from 16 handball team, and the results showed that the doctrine of victory is the most dimension effect on the players toward violent performance inside the stadium, and then comes social exchange theory ranked second in the impact on the violent behavior of the players in terms of interest belonging to players versus cost borne by the performance violent, and the results showed also that the rules and laws of the game effect in providing opportunities for players of violent performance inside the stadium, and also Exposed player of violence since childhood or view it has a significant impact on violent performance in old age, then ranked fifth friction physical, then the doctrine of manhood and that this sport Sport men so violent, then comes next in the rankings in the dimensional effect on the players towards violence (training status of the player, the team arrangement, social learning, catharsis and discharging, and finally as a result of competition)

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