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Head Loss of sand-water Mixture Flow for Different Sands and Pipes
Authors: Mahmoud Ali R. Eltoukhy
Year: 2013
Keywords: slurry flow, sand-water flow, sand particle sizes, pressure drop, pipe flows, head loss, sand concentration
Journal: Life Science Journal
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Pages: 3490 - 3495
Publisher: Life Science Journal
Local/International: International
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: The head loss is considered one of the most important design parameters for pipeline transportation of granulated solid materials. The head loss mainly affect the pump design and the operational costs. The transported solids can be characterized by its median grain size, d50, density and uniformity coefficient, which primarily affect the solid-water flow head loss. Whereas, type of pipe material remains an important parameter affecting the head loss in solid-water flows. This paper presents the results of an experimental study undertaken with 50.8 mm diameter horizontal pipes. The experiments were conducted in a state-of-the-art hydraulics laboratory to study the effect of median grain sands and the pipe roughness on head loss in sand-water flow. The sands were used of median sized grains having d50 of 0.12, 0.23 and 0.42 mm, while pipes used were of PVC, copper, and steel. The experiments were designed to include conditions that have been tested by other authors to facilitate comparison. It has been concluded that the head losses increase with increasing grain sizes at lower velocities, but correspondingly decreases at higher velocities. Whereas, head losses increase with increasing pipe roughness. The results have been comprehensively analyzed in the light of earlier published data and presented in the form of curves and equations, along with obtained relationships

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