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Training Program by using competitive situation and relationship of level of the performance for the tactical fast break for basketball juniors
Authors: Mahmoud Mohamed Naguib Hussein Hassanein Rabiea
Year: 2013
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The research problem The basketball of activities that are competitive where between two teams exchanged positions of attack and defense formations different place as soon as possible during the match to win for one team and this is consistent with the view that indicates that the basketball games in all her time a team attacks and another defends no matter how many Photos attack and corresponding defense. According to Abdel Aziz, Medhat Saleh Tiger 1998 that an attack can be classified in the basketball team to five main categories blitz, attack on the zone defense, attack on the man-to-man defense, defense Ali mixed-defense, defense and the attack on the compressor. Is consistent both Hassan Moawad 2003 and Morgan Wootten 2003 m with Jon Oliver 2004 AD that blitz is the quickest way offensive to achieve the goal, where lead way that does not allow the other team to organize its defenses, and is considered blitz is the first possibility for any team when most of the ball in anytime of the game. Cons Mohamed Abdel Rahim 2003 blitz helps to increase the rhythm of the game and creates many opportunities depending on the errors of the opposite team, makes basketball games exciting and fast-moving. He adds Mustafa Zeidan 1998 that features blitz summed up in that it is not an offensive weapon, but is a weapon to detect the physical condition of the opposing team and used against all types of defense and in particular the defense compressor and the team that fluent fast attack makes the opponent always thinking in the defense of baskets during his attempts offensive which helpsto reduce the risk of attack as the team that uses the fast attack constantly be always in a state ready to get the ball and thus their defense as good as the fast attack is a good element to gain fitness and increase the activity of the players and their strengths. And refers Mustafa Zeidan 1998 that the building blitz depends on the mastery of basic skills of the game, especially skills scrolling and correction types and the key player in the blitz is a player the middle and the player next to proficiency for each of the skills for scrolling and conversation must be fully aware of the trends and movements of his fellow attackers, and generally mustbe a good skills and knows how to deal with different defensive positions. It also indicates Mohammed Allawi 1994 to be training the competition is the performance of movements in accordance with the laws specific to the exercise of the type of sports activity which specializes in the individual, as they use a range of skills cascading as it happens in the play, and I have to coach to make sure the player's ability to perform the skills necessary to train also takes into accountwhen individual learning plans if the players and the referee blew his whistle again and puts plans collective manner it deems appropriate, where the goal of this method is to make the maximum possible effort in training to play, where the aim of the play is linked to skills training plans in similar circumstances to match. Zaki Mohammed explains 1998 to exercises that lead to the emergence of competition kinetic adaptations greatly, Examples of these exercises include: • group exercises for the development of motor performance mechanism for the emergence of skill or set of basic skills. • training for the development of dynamic interaction collective tactical. Exercises help to master the mass movements of the offensive and defensive tactical. Through previous view and note the researcher to many of Basketball Coaches found that there are some deficiencies in the training programs for juniors set by some coaches, and the omission of an important impact on the results of matches, a blitz and not be given adequate training as well as put it improperly through training programswhere they are training blitz once or twice a week and a time is not enough to Mastery, and also noted researcher not to put training positions competitiveness own offensive snap in planning programs of sports training and here provoked thought a researcher at the Policy research Methods to answer the following question: You can develop the tactical performance of the offensive snap through a training program we use the competitive positions?

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