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Dr. Marwa Hassan Mohamed Abd Elbaset :: Publications:

إمكانية الدمج بين الطباعة بالعقد والربط وفن الكروشيه لعمل بعض التصميمات الملبسية للسيدات
Authors: مروة حسن محمد عبد الباسط ;أ.د/ رأفت حسن مرسي عزام ;أ.م.د/ إيناس السيد الدريدي
Year: 2017
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Research Topic : Textile printing is one of the oldest methods used to create color and decorative effects on textiles, as it gives an aesthetic form of clothing and gives new and innovative effects through which clothes can be made of a different color that works in keeping with the international fashion The addition of the art of crochet to the printed piece of clothing works to enrich the aesthetic values of the clothing and the modernity of the clothing, The art of Crochet is an art developed and open through the stitches and modern methods used in its work. The art of crochet has been known since the 18th century, where many pictures of clothes and textiles were found. Making of clothing that combines Tie-dye with crochet art to enrich the aesthetic value of clothing. The research is divided into three sections : Part one : The theoretical framework Part Two : Applied Study Part Three: Results and Discussion Research results: 1- Tie-Dye is an important source of creativity because of the methods and techniques that help to make clothes of a modern color. 2- The use of the art of crochet and integration between it and the Tie-Dye works to enrich the aesthetic side of women's clothing.

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