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Health Needs Management among Patients Undergoing Day Case Cataract Surgery: A Proposed Protocol
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Year: 2015
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Cataract is considered as a significant global health problem and represents the most important cause of visual impairment world-wide. Extraction of the cataract which accounts for a significant proportion of the surgical workload among most ophthalmologists, improving quality of the vision. Aim: This study aims to propose a protocol for health needs management among patients undergoing day case cataract surgery, through identifying the health needs and assessing the care given on day of the surgery. Methods: A descriptive explorative design was utilized to conduct this study that was carried out in the Ophthalmic Outpatient Clinic and surgical waiting room of the ophthalmic unit, at Ain Shams University Hospital and Benha University Hospital. Sample: A purposive sample composed of 160 patients undergoing cataract surgery , adults and old age , from both genders and were recruited from the above mentioned settings . Tools :1) Patients' interviewing questionnaire , to determine patients’ needs regarding day case cataract surgery (pre / post tests ), 2) An observation checklist , to assess care given for the studied patients on the surgical day and 3) Hamilton's Anxiety Rating Scale , to determine patients’ levels of anxiety (pre / post tests). Results: There are statistically significant differences between patients' health needs pre / post surgery, added to more than half of the studied patients had severe anxiety pre – surgery, compared to post – surgery. Moreover, mean percent of unsatisfactory care was higher on day of the surgery. Conclusion: The current study concluded that , there were more significant health needs among the studied patients pre - surgery , added to the positive effect of the surgery on the reduction of these needs and relieving patients’ anxiety post – surgery . Furthermore, unsatisfactory patients’ care had higher mean compared to satisfactory care on day of the surgery. Recommendations: Based on findings of the present study, it can be recommended that, the proposed protocol of patients health needs management that’s evidence – based should be implemented and evaluated in relation to the incidence of cataract surgery complications .

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