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Morphological and osteological studies on the effect of Acrylamide (ACR) on parentally treated foetuses of albino rat [2020-09-27]

Acrylamide (ACR) has become one of the major public health concerns since it was detected in widely consumed food items. The present study investigates the effects of ACR on the skeletal system of the prenatal foetuses of 20th day of gestation of rat. The used rats were arranged in five groups; Control group (C); males and females rats administered orally distilled water. G1; male rats orally administered 10 mg/kg of ACR for consecutive 10 days and then they allowed to mate with control females. G2 female rats orally administered 10 mg/kg of ACR for consecutive 10 days and then they allowed mating with control males. G3 male and female rats orally administered 10 mg/kg orally of ACR orally for 10 consecutive days and then they allowed mating with each other. G4 pregnant female orally administered 10 mg/kg of ACR orally at (1st - 20th) day of pregnancy. At the 20th day of gestation, the uteri were removed by caesarean sections. For each mother, the number of foetal swelling in each horn, living and dead foetuses and early of late resorptions were recorded. Early and late resorptions were discerned according to their size. For morphological studies, foetuses, either living or dead were counted, weight and length measured, then morphologically examined for any external malformation. Foetuses showed severe skeletal alterations included incomplete ossification for some bones of skull, vertebrae, fore and hind limbs and significant reduction in the length of most long bones of both limbs. The alterations indicated that ACR treatment induced growth retardation confirmed by great reduction in body weight and body length. The results suggest that ACR has teratogenic effects on parentally treated 20-day-old albino rat foetuses. download attachment

Teratogenic effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate (DEHP) on Survival, Morphology and Skeleton System of Mice Fetuses [2017-07-23]

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Embryological and toxicological studies on the effects of Acrylamide on albino rat. [2017-07-23]

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