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A Suggested Strategy for Aerobic gymnastic In The Egyptian Federation Of Gymnastics.
Authors: Mohamed El sayed Ahmed Elhabashy
Year: 2015
Keywords: Gymnastics, Strategy,Aerobic
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Saw gymnastics tremendous development in the Performance Art of the various types and developed for each type of gymnastics laws and is considered one of the most important of these species is gymnastics aerobics because of its importance aesthetic and physical mobility and the large number of countries that practiced and seek advanced positions in international tournaments. And became the advancement of the sports-minded nationalism and humanitarian necessity as one of the most important means of preparation and development of the most important means of community, a human development to meet current challenges, which requires increased knowledge and cultural power in the field of sports in various stages of education in general and for the talented athletes in particular, because of its great importance in preparing them for the future where they are broad-based and mainly in the construction of any society and to ensure continuity of the development plan to achieve in various sectors, especially in the popular disadvantaged sectors of sport Agree Ismail Hamid Othman (1998) states that the sports and physical education from human activities that need to be addressed to the prospects for the launch of the next century to link us to the ranks of developed countries. (59: 7) Both Hamel Brhlad Parahalod groay.Hamel & C.k also confirmed (1994 m) on the need to formulate as a plan for the construction of strategic innovation and identify future opportunities and what should be made today for the acquisition to gain a share of future earnings in the era of competition for the opportunity and the means necessary competence. And considering Strategy way to the development of sprawl and maximize resources where reflect the stretch for a case in which ambition is greater than the resources and change the principle of balance Fit followed the traditional strategy among the available resources potential Mbdoadm balance Misfit, opportunities and illustrated ambitious strategic be supported to fill the gap between the materials by increasing resource and not reduce Ambition, also pointed out that the future can not be imagined only, but must be built (101: 54) - Find the problem and its significance: See Ibrahim Saad Zaghloul, Mr. Mouawad Mr. (2003 m) Gymnastics activities occupies an important place in education programs sports at all levels in the various stages of education depends on where the compatibility and skill, which is the main activity in the development of physical fitness, as grown much mental qualities and traits personal, efficient and vital organs of the body. (2:24) The gymnastics athletic activity with a special character includes a set of skills and acrobatic skills Aljmpazih interdependence between them are the work of kinetic sentence commensurate with the device, which will lead him this sentence and each type of Gymnastics its own requirements. Ibrahim Saad Zaghloul and The Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics of the oldest Egyptian unions was founded in 1936 defamatory No. 14 of 1976 and most of importance due to the lack of a dramatic evolution in the sport of gymnastics where we see a continued increase in its different forms over time, where he began one type which artistic gymnastics and then grew to become far At the end of 2011 to eight species, at the global level and share of the Egyptian Federation of five types of them (5: 1) It is known for aerobic gymnastics that one of the eight species listed in union international gymnastics and this type does not exist in the Egyptian Union, which does not have its only five types of gymnastics only 1_aljmpaz technician Men 2_aljmpaz Technical Women 3_aljmpaz rhythmic 4_aljmpaz for all 5_jmpaz trampoline Through the work of researcher Teaching theories and applications of gymnastics and exercise and sports performances Department noted that aerobic gymnastics is not listed Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics Because of the critical importance of gymnastics aerobics at the global level and this Madf researcher to attempt to build a future sports which now is the progress and prosperity scale by subtracting the proposed strategy for gymnastics aerobics for the Federation of Egyptian gymnastics until paving the way for exercising his future within Egypt and monitor the strengths and weaknesses that must Union observed so that it can overcome the problems facing the future, as well as monitoring the opportunities and threats of the receiving of the Union, which has been encountered, which would bring him to stay and continue under the rival high Cdhh in all of the activities and sports in the hope of realizing the dream of Egyptians and access athleticism on the prospects of global through to meet the countries of the developed world in the point What in the future, allowing us to dream of their competition and progress on them in one day. It is this sense the study access to the model of a proposed strategy for gymnastics aerobics Union Egyptian gymnastics trying it through the study of global strategies in place with unions of the International Gymnastics and attempt to draw strategic fit of the Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics in light of determining the work environment organization, create and discover opportunities for current and future use and avoid threats and risks. The importance of research: A-academic importance * The results of this study will help in shaping the strategy for aerobic gymnastics in the Egyptian Union that could clearly contribute to elevating the level of gymnastics in Egypt. * Search addresses the problem of a lack of sport aerobic gymnastics in the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation as one of the most important types of gymnastics. (B) the importance of Applied * Enter a new type of Gymnastics Federation Egyptian gymnastics and dissemination of the game even further. Research questions: What are the strengths and weaknesses within the Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics? What are the opportunities affecting positively on aerobic gymnastics? What are the threats adversely affecting the aerobic gymnastics? What are the policies that achieve the vision, mission and strategy of the Federation of Egyptian. Research procedures: Research Methodology: The researcher used descriptive survey manner so as to fit the nature of the research. The research sample selection method intentional from the research community and the number (40) members of the representatives of the Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics and faculty members at Egyptian universities and specialists in the fields of research (Administration - Gymnastics) and members of the Egyptian Federation of Gymnastics management and experts training in gymnastics and players of the Egyptian team gymnastics and Table 3 shows a sample basic research and reconnaissance characterization. Tools and means of data collection: The researcher used the following methods to complete the research procedures: - Personal interviews - International Network for Information (online) - Survey

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