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Damage modeling using Eshelby inclusions
Authors: M.A.Kamal; Ahmed Fady Farid; Youssef F. Rashed
Year: 2021
Keywords: Damage mechanics; Direct boundary integral method; Eigenstrain; Eshelby’s equivalent inclusion theory; nonlinear analysis.
Journal: International Journal of Fracture
Volume: 229
Issue: 1
Pages: 95-111
Publisher: Springer
Local/International: International
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In this paper a new boundary-only based damage modeling is presented. Despite the damage occurred inside the problem domain, the solution procedure requires boundary-only discretization of the problem. A few additional points are located at damage places. The Eshelby equivalent inclusion theory is coupled with the direct boundary integral equation method to predict the damage patterns. The relevantment like damage stiffness matrix which is obtained directly in a condensed form at degrees of freedom along the problem boundary. A nonlinear incremental–iterative solution procedure is implemented. Several numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the validity of the proposed technique.

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