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Enhancing Construction As-Built Documentation Using Interactive Voice Response
Authors: Mohamed Abdel-Monem, Tarek Hegazy
Year: 2015
Keywords: Project control, Interactive voice response, Voice, E-mail, As-built, Progress tracking, Computer application
Journal: Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Volume: 139
Issue: 7
Pages: 4
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers
Local/International: International
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This paper utilizes interactive voice response (IVR) technology to enhance progress tracking of projects and as-built documen- tation.First,possiblesiteeventsandtrackingneedsofconstructionactivitieshavebeenanalyzedbasedonliteratureandsampledailyprogress forms. Accordingly, activity logical-flow diagrams have been developed to guide IVR sessions. Afterward, the IVR technology has been implemented to enhance an existing e-mail-based framework for as-built documentation by integrating a cloud-based IVR service and a customized scheduling application. The IVR features work by either receiving calls from supervisors at any time or by configuring eligible activities to automatically initiate calls to their supervisors. Compared with lengthy e-mails, the IVR sessions are interactive, minimize the questions asked, and allow supervisors to specify site events and any requests for information. Responses are also received instantaneously to update the schedule and visualize the latest as-built information directly on the daily segments of a schedule. The paper contributes to automating site-data collection, designing low-cost voice applications for construction, facilitating bidirectional communica- tion between site personnel and head office, and enhancing project tracking and control

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