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The impact of monetary and fiscal policy in the indicators of stock market performance In Egypt and the United States
Authors: D / Mohammed Saeed Bassiouni
Year: 2010
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Affected by the stock market, like other markets various factors and events both from within or from outside the market, it may be for some of these factors have a positive impact on the performance of the market may have some other negative impact, which causes fluctuations in the red zone. To reduce these fluctuations must identify the factors causing this volatility and how to transition effects. So enjoyed economic factors), including monetary and fiscal) of great importance by analysts as one of the external factors affecting the stock market, in addition to the level of economic activity represented by gross domestic product (GDP) and economic variables sectoral and economic variables District, as well as trade policy and wage policy. ... etc.. while the internal factors art focuses on the analysis of the supply and demand aspects that affect stock prices and mainly in the movements of the past to the stock prices of the company or group of companies (such as selling the picture or phenotypic - and purchase for the purposes of monopoly - and exploiting the trust of customers ... etc.). At the same time is indicative stock market performance of the important means to guide investors in the domestic and international markets for the timing of their investments and their implementation, as well as monitoring the developments in the market and the degree of effectiveness, and thus identify performance trends and comparing the performance of other other financial markets, which gives an opportunity for investors to make investment decisions. The present study in order to identify the extent to which performance indicators stock market by external factors (variables monetary and fiscal), and any of these variables are more influential, and the extent of variation that influence in both Egypt and the United States (1991-2010) and which differ in terms of the nature of the the use of monetary and fiscal policies on the one hand, and in terms of market size and the same volume and the level of activity and efficiency on the other. I was able to study to demonstrate the role of the side of the monetary variables and financial performance indicators market Egypt and the New York Stock Exchange despite the contrast effect, but it does not confirm that the other variables are not related, but emphasizes the importance of experience formulations other models, as well as the importance of economic variables Faculty Other (GDP and unemployment) and political variables that have to do in influencing market performance indicators.

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