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The impact of investment in human capital for economic growth in some Arab countries
Authors: Dr. / Mohammed Saeed Bassiouni
Year: 2015
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The issue of human resource development at the forefront of the issues dealt with by the countries of the world on different systems and levels of development, it has been proven that the human element is not only one of the factors of production and the determinants of productivity, but is influential mainland and effective in the components of economic development, so that at the forefront of key metrics of the Wealth of Nations. It then took the issue of care to invest in human capital in order to develop and developed a prominent position - both at the level of thought, or at the level of practical application - considering that spending on development of human resources is one of the most important and the highest levels of investment required to achieve the economic development of any country 0 Perhaps that was the motivation To carry out this study in order to know the impact of investment in human capital to economic growth in some Arab countries (Egypt - Jordan - Algeria - Saudi Arabia) 0 The study found the need to develop plans for scientific institutions and training and health at the level of the Arab states to be consistent with the requirements of comprehensive development to these countries in order to achieve its desired progress

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