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Deposit Protection Scheme and effective governance mechanisms To cope with the banking crisis and faltering
Authors: Dr. / Mohammed Saeed Bassiouni
Year: 2015
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In light of the increasing openness and liberalization of banking markets, and the globalization of banking activity, and the banks providing services outside the boundaries of a single state, and the possibility of transmission of banking crises from one country to another, as happened in 1997 in the East Asian countries, the monetary authorities in each country to adopt mechanisms that ensure the strengthening of the banks that may fall into financial insolvency or tumble in order to protect depositors, and in order to maintain the integrity and stability of the banking system as a whole, and among these mechanisms, the so-called system of deposit insurance, and the system of governance. The aim of this study shed light on all of the deposit insurance system and effective governance mechanisms to cope with banking crises and faltering banking, with reference to the experiences of some of the leading countries in the adoption of these two systems. The treatment has been the subject of study in seven sections, the study concluded that the system of deposit protection leads to increased volume of deposits in banks due to the increased confidence of depositors, which is reflected positively on the possibility of the bank in the recruitment of these deposits. The protection system that works on the face of banking crises and problems of faltering banking. The study also showed that the strengthening and modernization of governance in banks have achieved a lot of advantages, including, gain the confidence of investors, reduce banking risks, acquire a good reputation through transparency and accountability The poor governance of these can affect the economic and financial stability, such as what happened in the Asian crisis

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