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The phenomenon of money laundering under the use of banking technology And response at both the positive and the Islamic
Authors: D / Mohammed Saeed Bassiouni
Year: 2015
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As a result of the advent of globalization and the growth of effective international capital markets and the spread of foreign banking centers in many countries of the world, it has become easy to move capital across different countries. This has been carried with it the growing movement of organized crime, and the growing movement traded funds criminal organizations at the local level and international level. The phenomenon of money laundering (Money Laundering) the most prominent of these crimes and the most serious of which is the right of the biggest challenges in front of the real financial and banking institutions, governmental bodies and international organizations. Adding to this phenomenon is serious, is that every effort by the organizers of the control and address money laundering operations, offset by the work of anti-regulator, which is experiencing money laundering entry groups of professionals new and levels of cultural graduate of different disciplines (accountants, lawyers, organizers of information, administrators, ...... and other disciplines (hired by money laundering criminals to help them in the washing operations, which makes these processes integrated industry without loophole 0 With globalization and along erupted technological revolution in the field of communication and information devices and equipment Automated Teller Machines (ATM), which focuses used in the financial and banking institutions such as the Internet and electronic transfers and others, benefited from money launderers and developed new methods for their operations, but the countries represented Bhaiadtha involved in combating money laundering, and international bodies emanating from international organizations and regional bodies did not stand idly of money laundering crimes, especially since their effects did not stand within the framework of a certain border but became global because of the demise of the restrictions and the border between the countries in the light of globalization. Then, came our search for the highlights on the various dimensions of the phenomenon of money laundering, also sheds light on the technology of banking services that can be exploited in money laundering operations, and how, and the implications of the use of this technology in the money laundering operations, and zig-zag efforts to confront this phenomenon at the positive, highlighting how to combat Islamic.

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