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Production of Structural Lightweight Concrete Using Recycled Crushed Clay Brick Aggregates
Authors: Kareem S. Abdallah, M. Osama R. Al Hariri, M.S. El Sayed
Year: 2016
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Journal: ERJ Shobra Faculty of Engineering
Volume: 2016
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Local/International: International
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The reuse of construction and demolition wastes, especially crushed clay bricks (CCB), represents a major contribution to the environment. Due to the nature of clay bricks, it can be considered as source of fine and coarse aggregate to produce structural lightweight concrete (LWC). In this paper, the clay brick is crushed into the sizes of fine and coarse aggregate for concrete aiming to produce structural lightweight concrete. On achieving the targeted concrete properties, the physical and mechanical properties of the obtained concrete are studied. The results indicated that lightweight concrete can be produced by utilizing CCB as coarse and fine aggregate. Limited combination of CCB and natural aggregate can yield structural LWC, which can be used in structural purposes. The attained LWC mixes have lower modulus of elasticity, higher permeability and lower strength than the corresponding control concrete mixes.

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