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Dr. Mohamed H. El-Habbak

Academic Position: Lecturer

Current Administrative Position: Agricultural Biotechnology Program, Coordinator

Ex-Administrative Position:

Faculty: Agriculture

Department: Plant Pathology


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Scientific Name: El-Habbak, M.H.

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Research Interests

Plant genetic resistance; Reverse genetics, Functional genetics, Gene cloning, Gene silencing, Gene overexpression, VIGS, DNA sequencing, real time PCR, Western blotting, Northern blotting. Biology of fungal pathogens; Isolation of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, Molecular identification of fungi. Host-pathogen interaction; Light and fluorescence microscopy, Developing lab, greenhouse and field bioassays for testing plant disease resistance and virulence of plant pathogens. Mycovirus studies; dsRNA isolation and sequencing.

selected publications

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