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Biorhythm and Its Relationship with Some Individual Sports Injuries and Mass Games
Authors: Mohamed Hassan Abd –elaziz Ismail Khalifa
Year: 2011
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Scientific research in the modern era, especially in recent times from the initial trends for developed countries and in particular in the field of competitive sport by following the scientific studies And laboratory research, which contribute to the advancement of sports and in higher rates of athletic performance and competitive to the level of achievement and breaking and winning championships, and became players, especially the results and the results of the difference yields a general scientific progress in the field of sports. But despite this failure may be some surprises in the performance of some of the players or the inability to deliver or breaking and achieving tournaments due to the failure of some of the players for reasons may be repeated (stress -injury - incomplete for matting Sports). And but little researcher finds that despite the control of many of the variables related to the failure in sport (such as for matting Sports -Stress -Download the formation of training - proper warm-up -adjustment -psychological preparation). Could have surprised everyone injuried player and not break the numbers or achieve the performance required or to be excluded from the team and thereby stands infection barrier to achieve access the player to the highest levels of sports On the other hand, the negative effects on different body organs such as the one motor (muscle, soft tissue , bones), but its effects extend to include reactions reflected the vital organs of the body multiple injured player joins the effects, for example to the nervous system, respiratory and the league and as such, interest in the prevention of injuries have a significant role in the progress of a player's physical and skill Problem of research Given that injuries may occur to the player as a result of stress or pressure overload or lack of compatibility or low fitness or how skillful performance is considered the researcher that these variables maybe related to the rhythm of bio-and level, prompting the researcher to the procedures to identify the relationship between the biorhythm and some injuries to players. The variables that have a relationship or association good performance or achievement or achievement of breaking or championships are often subject to search, study and attention by researchers and specialists in the areas of sports , Which many of them due to the severity of the failure to several factors such as fatigue, stress or tension, or the inability to take the decision or the low level of for matting sports, and despite the need to stabilize and control all of these variables The casualties surprise the players, which calls into question and the search for factors and other variables that may cause injury, Which may be bio-rhythm its sessions four (physical, mental, emotional and intuitive) in the level of low or negative may be converging in the negative and the lowest point which is called the critical stage. Because the theory of rhythm bio theory fairly stable, and moved a lot of researchers and scientists to study, making it represents the importance and status of sharp in the field of sport and made it one of the factors and variables that are attributable to the interpretation of many of the problems facing the sport, which are injuries sports one of the most important of these problems, The study of the relationship between the bio-rhythm curves and sports injuries of the things most important in Interpreting factors in the incidence and causes of sports.

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