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Protective Effects of Nano Zinc on Barki Ram Semen Viability
Authors: Mohamed RAMADAN 1, Gamal A.M. SOSA1, Mary G. ABDEL-MALAK2, Mohamed EL-RAEY*1
Year: 2023
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research
Volume: 13,
Issue: 5,
Pages: 743-752
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Full paper Mohamed El-Raey Mohamed Metwalli_CCF.pdf
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Sixty Barki semen ejaculates were collected using the artificial vagina. Semen samples were evaluated, pooled then subjected for processing using different concentrations of nano zinc (10, 50, 100 and 150µg/ml). Short-term chilled storage duration, absolute survivability index, post-thaw recovery, reduction rate, live percent, membrane integrity, acrosomal reaction, DNA integrity, head & tail’s diameter, and DNA % were assessed. 150µg/ml of nano zinc can stabilize high motility % (80±0.54%) for about 11 days post dilution and chilling, then drastically dropped on day 18 (47±0.57%). Moreover, 150µg/ml recorded the best of absolute survivability index (33096±374), motility after dilution (86.67±1.05%), after cooling (87.50 ± 1.11%), after freezing- thawing process (56.67±1.66 %). Furthermore, 150µg/ml treated group keeping the highest records along the first three hours post-thawing (54.17 ± 1.53, 50.00 ± 1.29, and 47.50 ± 1.11%, respectively). Additionally, 150 µg/ml treated samples presented the highest viability index (180±3.47%), post-thaw recovery rate (65.47±2.26%), post-thawing live % (54.17±2.58%). While 150 µg/ml treated group showed the lowest reduction % (15.81 ± 3.12 %), acrosomal reaction (9.83±0.7%). Moreover, 150µg/ml treated samples recorded the largest head diameter and highest DNA % (52.87±1.74 and 97.51±0.30%, respectively), but showed the lowest tail diameter and tail DNA % (6.22±0.33 and 2.48±0.30%%, respectively). Furthermore, 150µg/ml treated group displayed the lowest comet %, tail moment and olive tail moment (8.950±0.02 %, 0.15±0.02 and 0.40±0.10, respectively) if compared with the other nano zinc treated groups. In conclusion: 150µg/ml of ZnO-NPs improves Barki ram semen processing, particularly, chilled semen viability, motility, longevity, membrane, and DNA integrity.

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