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Ameliorating Effects of Kaempferol on Buffalo Oocytes Developmental Competence (Part- I)
Authors: Hagar S. Bahgat1, Alaa Abdel -Ghafar1, Magdy R. Bader2, Basant M. Shafik3, Rasha E. Azab4, Sherif I. Ramadan3, Mohamed EL-RAEY*1
Year: 2023
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Benha Veterinary Medical Journal
Volume: 45
Issue: 1
Pages: in press
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
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To our knowledge, the cytoprotective roles of Kaempferol on the in vitro matured buffalo oocytes and embryos are still unknown. The current research was conducted to investigate the ideal dose of kaempferol that could be used safely in the vitro embryo production technology of buffalo as well as investigates the kaempferol effects on buffalos, cumulus cell expansion, in vitro maturation, penetration, fertilization, cleavage, morula, and blastocyst rates. Tissue culture media-199 supplemented with Kaempferol at 0, 5, 10, and 15 µg/ml was used to mature cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs). The current study revealed that kaempferol supplementation at 10 µg/ml in the in vitro maturation medium of buffalo oocytes significantly improved cumulus cell expansion (75.33±1.75%), in vitro maturation (87.08±1.16%), penetration (78.40±3.75%), fertilization (42.80±1.15%), cleavage (28.20±3.51%), morula (21.70±2.65%), and blastocyst rates (19.90±2.45%) of buffalos. In conclusion, the presence of kaempferol in buffalo oocytes maturation medium is potentially important to regulate its developmental competence. Moreover, 10µg/ml of Kaempferol is an ideal promising dose that could be used safely to augment the in vitro embryo production technology of buffalo.

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