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Durability of Concrete Superficially Treated with Nano-Silica and Silane/Nano-Clay Coatings
Authors: MR Sakr, MT Bassuoni, A Ghazy
Year: 2020
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Journal: Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board
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Protection of the surface layer of concrete is essential for achieving durability and functionality of concrete elements during their service life. In this paper, an effort is made to utilize colloidal nano-silica (5%–50%) and a synthesized nanocomposite as superficial treatments for concrete; silane was used as the neat resin to disperse nano-montmorillonite particles at different dosages (5% and 10%). The coatings were applied to a typical concrete mixture used for residential concrete in North America. The transport properties of the treated concrete were characterized using the rapid chloride penetrability test and the absorption/desorption percentages. Moreover, concrete was evaluated under severe durability exposure involving physical salt attack (PSA), which is a wetting/drying regime responsible for surface damage of concrete elements subjected to continuous salt supply along with cyclic ambient conditions. Deterioration was visually assessed and quantified using mass change. In addition, thermal and microscopy analyses were performed on concrete specimens to elucidate the mechanisms of enhancement by surface treatment. The results showed that increasing the concentration of nano-silica particles in the colloid led to an improved performance of concrete, with the 50% loading ratio achieving the least penetration depth, absorption/desorption percentage, and mass loss of concrete under aggravated PSA. For the silane/nano-clay composite, the low dosage of nano-clay was adequate to mitigate the damage caused by PSA on concrete.

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