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Dr. Mohamed Salama

Academic Position: Lecturer

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Faculty: Engineering, Shoubra

Department: Civil Engineering


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Mobile: Not Available

Scientific Name: Mohamed Salama

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Research Interests

Differential shortening between core and columns in tall buildings - Structural analysis and design of deep beams - Comfort of humans in tall buildings subjected to wind loads - Seismic base isolation - Staged-construction analysis - Geometric and material non-linear behaviour of frames and cable-supported structures - Value engineering - Reinforced Concrete Structures - Prestressed Concrete Structures - Structural Modelling - Design of shoring of underground structures - Retrofitting and upgrading of deteriorated structures - Structural analysis and design of pre-cast concrete structures. Analysis, design and retrofitting of masonry structures. Fracture mechanics of bonded dissimilar structures with de-bonding and cracking. Stress state of a cracked solid near the crack tip using the complex stress function approach and the conformal mapping function technique. Stress state of a cracked solid near the crack tip using the finite element method.

selected publications

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