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Lack of Sustainability Assessment as a rating tool in the Building Industry
Authors: Shaawat, M. Essam & Al-Shamrani Othman, B. Umaru Mohammed
Year: 2014
Keywords: Sustainability Assessment,Sustainable Rating Systems, Analytical hierarchy performance (AHP),Building Industry
Journal: WSB14, Barcelona, Spain.
Volume: WSB14
Issue: Not Available
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Publisher: WSB14, Barcelona, Spain.
Local/International: International
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Sustainability encompasses a blend of environmental, economic and social responsibility. Sustainability assessment is a means of measuring how effectively the built environment is meeting the requirements of sustainable development. The Middle Eastern regions records in the 1980's especially KSA, due to demographic growth, there has been; population increase, climate change, land exploitation and water shortage; thus tending environmental issues. Latterly, there has been an increase in the Arab concern as to environmental issues. Saudi Arabia, being one of the top 15 countries in the world in terms of primary energy use, due to a rapid increase in economic and industrial growth. Records from Saudi Electricity company ' SCECO' bespeak that; almost 80% of total energy is use in the building sectors, with 70% resulting from use of HVAC systems. KSA recorded a 7% yearly consumption in petroleum for local use, by 2038, petroleum production will be diverted to local consumption- (Royal British Institute for Strategic studies). Withal, Middle east countries especially KSA are far behind from practicing the concept of mitigating the impacts of buildings on the environment. This paper entails an exclusive questionnaire study on; Policy makers ( Government bodies such as 'Real-estate'), Architects/ designer, Contractors, and the end user as to sustainability application in general. Notwithstanding, analysis indicated; insufficient awareness of building stakeholders, lack of national sustainability assessment policy, which takes the location and the context of the building in KSA that deviate the people from caring for environmental and economic issues related to sustainability. The purpose for this paper is to; highlight the obstacles faced in applying sustainability in the building sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by various stakeholders.

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