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Game Based Learning Creating a Triangle of Success: Play, Interact and Learn
Authors: M El-Said, S Mansour
Year: 2008
Keywords: Collaborative Virtual Environment, role-playing game, serious games
Journal: International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation
Volume: 5
Issue: (2)
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper mustafa.mohamed_13-13-1-PB.pdf
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Abstract As teachers tend to use new technologies to engage students in the learning process, game-based learning can offer a powerful approach for learning and skills development. This study examines how the integration of 3D-Online Multi-Players Role- Playing Educational Serious Games (3D-OMPRPESGs) would enhance students' learning performance. The education system at the 21th century should reflect and meet the need of the 21th century generation. There is a noticeable increase in teachers’ motivations to implement educational computer games as supplemental learning tools because the new generation of students can master a wide range of digital equipment such as computers, cell phone, PDAs and digital cameras, which in turn affects their learning styles. As an educator, it is easy to see that students today perform differently than in the past. Therefore there is a need to move from a teacher-centric lectures based environment to a student-centered interactive learning environment.

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