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Prof. Nabil Rashad El Din Saleh Nofal :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
8) Structure of Irony in Poetical Theatre Completed
1) Nature in The Poetry of Abu Shady & Wordsworth Completed
2) Religious Intertextuality in Amal Donkol Poetry Completed
3) Foutua Character Completed
4) The Stream of Consciousness in Sonallah Ibrahim Completed
6) Symbolism of Praise in Pre Islamic Poetry Completed
7) Resistance in Palestinian Novel Completed
10) Arabic Makama in Eighth Century Completed
11) Poetic Discourse of Ebn Khafaga Stylistic Study Completed
12) Elimination in Theatrical Poetry of Shawky Completed
13) Poetry of Zafer El Hadad Stylistic Study Completed
14) Variation of Time in Poetry of Abeed Ebn El Abrass Completed
16) Mythical Symbols of Animals in Pre Islamic Poetry Completed
17) Static and Dynamic Elements in Yehia Haky Novels Completed
18) Relation Between Story and Society – Selections of Taha Hussein Completed
19) Poetry of Al Akkad Textuality Study Completed
20) Critical Controversy about Method and Text in Literary Study of Taha Hussein Completed
21) Evolution of Technical Form in The Egyptian Short Story Completed
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