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Study on Anticardiolipin antibodies in patients with cerebral strokes.
Authors: Naglaa Gad · Mahmoud A. Azzouy . Adel Marzooq. Anas A. Yossef
Year: 1999
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INTRODUCTION:The aim of this work is to determine the incidence of anticardiolipin antibodies in patients with cerebral strokes for better aerological and prognostic criteria of this serious disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS:This study was conducted on 22 patients with cerebrovascular stroke aged(10-65ys) which were admitted to Benha University Hospital . It was collected from January to May 1999, diagnosed by clinical picture and confirmed by computerized tomography ( CT ) brain scan as cerebral infarction.Ten apparently healthy subjects with no history of stroke was considered as reference group. All participants were subjected to routine clinical , chemical and hematological assisment , with measurement of Anticardiolipin antibodies( IgM,IgG) with human B2 glycoprotein 1 as cofactor; with elevated value was > 7 MPL u/ ml for IgM and > 10 GpL u/ ml for IgG. RESULTS: The present work showed that 13.7% of patients with CVS had elevated ACAIgM, 45.5% of patients with strokes had elevated ACAIgG,9.1% show elevated both IgM and IgG ACA.This show statistical significant increase in the level of ACAIgM,IgG in patients in comparison with reference group.The increase of ACAIgG was more statistically significant than that of ACAIgM.The present work showed that 54.4% of patients are ACA positive without underlying disease or other risk factors as DM, hypertension ,cardiac disease,hyperlipemia or smoking, on the other hand, all ACA negative patients had underlying disease. CONCLUSION: The elevated ACA levels may have synergistic roles in producing the strokes ,which support the presence of multifactorial etiology for producing the condition .Its positivity may carry certain diagnostic and prognostic importance including prevention of recurrence of such serious disease.

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